4 apps that make your life easier during your business trips

Published on 6 février 2019

4 applications qui vous facilitent la vie pendant vos voyages d’affaires

Becoming a victim of a last-minute business trip is inevitable. You are working full-time on a project with your employees and clients, and then overnight, an additional constraint is added to all this stress: in 2 days, you must go to London for a very important meeting.

Suddenly, your main task goes from focusing on the project to searching for a travel offer that includes a flight, a hotel, and transportation on site. Browsing the internet and getting lost among the many sites and applications to find the best value for money is never a quick process. Meanwhile, your project is at stake and you are losing precious time focusing on logistics rather than the work to be done.

Although it is preferable to plan all business trips in advance, it is not always easy. Fortunately, there are some websites and applications that specialize in this exact scenario: taking you where you need to go and making your life easier once you're there. Even if you're not in a rush, keep reading, as these tips are worth their weight in gold!

In this list of the top 4 travel websites and applications, it is not necessary to include all the well-known aggregator search sites, as you already know them. We have only included those that are excellent - but less well-known. Here is our selection:


  1. Supertripper
  2. Blue Valet
  3. The more I treat myself, the more I gain!
  4. Table4One

1. Supertripper

Supertripper, application pratique pour un voyage business

This platform is designed specifically for you, dear business travelers, with the precise goal of making your life easier!

You can book your airline tickets, trains, and hotels worldwide in just a few clicks. The best part? You can do all of this on a single interface.

No more searching for hours and manually comparing different offers. Simply and efficiently manage your trips from your account and say goodbye to paper bills with automation. Nothing better to save you time, you can finally focus on your projects!

👉 Visit their website to learn more: supertripper.com

2. Blue Valet

Blue Valet : service de voiturier avec parking dans les gares et aéroports

Save time from departure to arrival and simplify your life by entrusting your car to Blue Valet, a startup that offers leisure and business travelers a new way to travel.

No need to search for a parking space at the airport or train station, professional valets take care of your car as soon as you arrive at the drop-off point and then park it in a secure parking lot. In addition to that, Blue Valet offers additional services, such as full washing, tire pressure, or electric car charging. In addition to saving time, your car is returned to you as good as new!

👉 I book my valet parking now 👈

3. NannyBag

NannyBag : application pour déposer ses bagages en sécurité

Do you have a few hours between your flights, before your hotel check-in, or after check-out?

Carrying luggage and bags can be a burden that can ruin your stay. We have all experienced this problem and Nannybag is the solution.

This young company allows travelers to entrust their luggage to local stores, restaurants, or hotels so that they can fully enjoy their day in a particular city. All bags are accepted, regardless of size, weight, or shape, and the service operates 24/7.

Nannybag is present in all major cities around the world! If you have a morning meeting with a client and check-in at the hotel in the evening, Nannybag will take care of your luggage until you arrive at the hotel. Alternatively, you can take advantage of this service between stops to (re)discover a destination.

👉 A little extra: registration is completely free and without obligation. So, what are you waiting for?

4. Table4One

Table4One : application pour voyageur d'affaires

Don't eat alone on your business trips anymore. This (free!) application allows you to meet other professionals who share the same interests as you for lunch or dinner.

⚠️ Don't be mistaken, Table4One is not a dating application! It is a way to beat loneliness during your travels, meet people like you, and even expand your professional network! We are fans!


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