Your valet parking service at Nice airport

Stop looking for a parking spot, we’ll take care of it for you.
More than 1,000,000 of travelers already convinced!
blue valet airport illustration
blue valet airport illustration
More than 1,000,000 of travelers already convinced!
5 days trip
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7 days trip
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Prices are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.

Look no further for a parking space at Nice airport

Say goodbye to parking hassles at Nice airport with Blue Valet! Our convenient, safe and hassle-free valet service is designed to make the start of your trip even more enjoyable. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, our team is here to provide you with a hassle-free parking experience. With Blue Valet, you can park with ease and leave with a clear head ! 

Finding a parking space at Nice airport can be difficult. Parking your vehicle can quickly become complicated. We offer a private parking service close to Nice-Côte d'Azur airport. So you can leave with complete peace of mind, your vehicle is taken care of by our valet team and parked in our private, secure parking lot in the immediate vicinity of Nice-Côte d'Azur airport. Opt for our valet parking service at Nice airport ! 

Don't worry about the hassle of leaving on vacation, Blue Valet will take care of it for you !

A parking service in only 3 steps

Our online reservation platform is intuitive. It allows you to book your valet parking at Nice airport quickly and easily!


our valet parking service in advance or up to 4 hours before your departure on our website or app (iOS & Android). All you have to do is follow our easy-to-use website !


your car and enjoy quality service! Your valet parks your vehicle in one of our private parking lots in Nice.

Pick up
Pick up

your vehicle at a single meeting point, on both the outward and return journeys, close to the airport concourse. Your valet has real-time information on your flight to Nice-Côte d’Azur (arrival and departure times, any delays, etc.).


Valet parking close to Nice airport

By choosing Blue Valet, you're opting for an alternative to Nice airport parking lots, which are often very expensive and far from the entrance hall. We offer you a simple parking solution that's up to 30% cheaper than a conventional parking lot. In addition to your parking space, you'll also benefit from our valet parking service at Nice airport ! 

Parking your vehicle has never been so easy! Entrust your vehicle to our valets, who will park it in one of our parking lots near Nice-Côte d'Azur airport. Your dedicated valet will take care of your vehicle for the duration of its stay. Enjoy a valet parking service at Nice airport that combines quality of service, economy and time savings.

Parking prices

Blue Valet Nice

3 days 69 €
5 days 89 €
7 days 109 €
10 days 139 €
Our sliding scale rates include the price of parking with our local parking at the airport, the service of your valet Blue Valet in Nice, as well as the insurance of your car by our partner AXA.

Affordable prices for your valet parking reservation

Simply enter your departure and arrival dates to discover our parking rates for Nice airport. We offer you a turnkey solution for optimum valet parking. Whether you're planning a long trip a short trip to Nice airport, you can leave your vehicle in the safe hands of one of our dedicated parking lots. Enjoy a simplified experience and peace of mind right from the start of your trip with Blue Valet. 

*Prices may vary according to seasonality and our occupancy rate.

Testimonials from our most loyal customers
car washed on the parking

A little extra service

At Blue Valet, we've thought of (almost) everything ! Discover all the additional services we offer to complement our valet parking service at Nice airport ! We like to pamper your vehicle by offering an interior and exterior wash by one of our approved partners, as well as covered parking close to Nice airport. Just here to find out more ! 

*Some options, such as car washes, are only available for parking periods of more than 48 hours in Nice-Côte d'Azur car parks.

Did you know ?

Since our launch, more than a million travelers and 12,000 companies have already placed their trust in our private valet parking service ! Our valets are trained to offer you a simple service with quality features ! Enjoy time-saving comfort at Nice-Côte d'Azur airport. 

You know Blue Valet, but do you know Blue Transfer ? We've decided to diversify our offer by proposing a low-cost parking solution. Visit Blue Transfer to discover our low-cost parking offers.

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Most frequently asked questions

To report a flight delay, please contact customer service by: email if the flight concerned is in more than 48 hours. Or by phone if the flight is in less than 48 hours at +33 9 78 46 00 14.
Please note that even if the valets follow your train or your flight, thanks to the number you gave when you made your reservation, their schedule does not always allow them to adapt optimally. Therefore, the earlier we are informed of any change in schedule, the better we can adapt and return your vehicle as soon as possible.

On the outbound trip, you must specify the time at which you wish to leave your vehicle with us. On the return trip, you must indicate your landing time or arrival time at the station. This time is only indicative, we know that you cannot recover your car in hand while your flight lands or your train arrives in station. Your valet is waiting for your call to bring your car to the drop-off point.
See "How do I return my car?"

The opening hours of the valet service are between 4:30 am and 11:30 pm, which is why only these slots are offered to you for reservation.

For a schedule modification or date change request:

— If your reservation and/or the desired change for the pick-up or drop-off of your vehicle is within 48 hours, for reasons of availability, please contact our customer service department at +33 9 78 46 00 14 during its opening hours (8am-8pm every day).

— If your reservation and/or the desired modification for the pick-up or the drop-off of your vehicle intervene in more than 48 hours, you have the possibility to do it via your personal space. You just have to go to "My reservations" then click on modify.

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