Make it easier for your employees to reach airports and stations

Blue Valet Business is a professional platform allowing companies to centralize their collaborators’ business trips. The platform is built through one single management interface with a monthly payment and invoicing.

For administrators
Simplify the management of your teams’ business trips. Manage the access rights and define the terms of use. Increase your visibility and manage your collaborators parking expenses through a dedicated reporting system.
For collaborators
Simplify your transfers, don’t waste time looking for a parking spot. Take advantage of our service and let someone else park your car for a change! Put an end to expensive parking fees.
  • Quick

    Drop-off and pick-up your vehicle in front of your terminal

  • Cost saving

    Save on your parking fees

  • Insurance

    Your vehicle is 100% covered by our partner Gan

Travel for 3 days

Travel for 5 days

The displayed prices are based on average city rates where Blue Valet is implanted.

Start saving now!

Blue Valet Business offers an easy service for all companies willing to limit their travel expenses. Trust our valets, let someone else park our car for a change and save on your parking fees.

Companies already convinced

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