Your valet parking service at Paris-Beauvais airport

Stop looking for a parking spot, we’ll take care of it for you.
More than 1,000,000 of travelers already convinced!
blue valet airport illustration
blue valet airport illustration
More than 1,000,000 of travelers already convinced!
5 days trip
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Prices are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.

Blue Valet: a personalised valet service !

Are you planning to fly from Beauvais airport? Great news! Your favourite valet service is coming to Paris-Beauvais! Whether you're flying in for a well-deserved holiday or a business trip, opt for our valet service and start your trip with peace of mind.

Take off from Paris-Beauvais airport and leave your vehicle in our care. No more worries about parking, our tailor-made valet service offers you comfort from the moment you arrive. Simply park in front of your departure terminal and one of our valets will take over to park your car in our secure car park.

With Blue Valet, your journey begins with peace of mind. Our valet service in Beauvais Tillé saves you precious time and ensures optimum security for your vehicle. When you return, the simplicity continues: you'll find your vehicle ready to go again, as if you'd never left it.

Book your Paris-Beauvais parking lot in 3 easy steps

Simplify your experience with our website! Find all the information you need to book your valet parking in Beauvais-Tillé and organize your departure from Paris-Beauvais airport with complete peace of mind.


your Blue Valet valet parking at Paris-Beauvais airport online or via our mobile app (iOS & Android). Don’t let the unexpected spoil your day: book your valet up to 4 hours before departure. At Blue Valet, we think of everything to make your travel easier!


your vehicle to ensure a successful departure from Beauvais. Your valet will park your car in our private, secure parking lot near Paris BVA airport.

Pick up
Pick up

your car easily at the airport. No need to walk long distances, our valets take care of everything. You can pick up your car near the airport entrance hall with ease.


Easy access to parking at Paris-Beauvais airport

Why complicate your life by parking your car at the other end of Paris-Beauvais airport? Say goodbye to the long walk between the airport car park and the entrance to the terminal. Your valet will collect your vehicle from just a few metres away. Take advantage of our valet service at Paris - Beauvais airport!

By choosing us, you can be sure of a secure parking space in our private car park right next to the airport. Your valet will keep you informed in real time when your vehicle is parked. More than a traditional car park, park without risk and for less, choose Blue Valet!

Parking prices

Blue Valet Paris-Beauvais

3 days 54 €
5 days 69 €
7 days 79 €
15 days 119 €
The Blue Valet rate includes the price of parking, the service of your valet and the insurance of your vehicle by our partner AXA.

Paris Beauvais rates

Take advantage of our low rates at Paris Beauvais airport! 

Find out more about our parking rates at Beauvais airport and take advantage of valet parking services, as well as surveillance of your vehicle for the duration of your journey, even for long term stays in one of our car parks.

Use our price simulation tool to find out the cost of our services in advance, so there are no surprises in your budget. Opt for Blue Valet and choose transparency for your parking!


*The price of our services includes the parking of your vehicle in one of our car parks in Beauvais, the services of your chauffeur in Beauvais, as well as the insurance of your car for the duration of its parking by one of our partners GAN*.

*Prices vary according to the season and our occupancy rate.

Our customers testify
car washed on the parking

The little extra your car needs

At Blue Valet, our priority is your satisfaction. In addition to your parking space at Beauvais-Tillé airport, we propose additionnal services such as windscreen washer fluid to ensure your safety.


Did you know ?

For parking at Beauvais airport, we offer another, cheaper alternative.

Discover Blue Transfer: a very affordable parking service (from €5 per day). Thanks to this low-cost service, you no longer need to look for a parking space or wait patiently for a shuttle bus. Park directly in our secure, private Blue Transfer car park, just 400 metres or 5 minutes' walk from the airport. The pedestrian walkway provides a secure link to Paris-Beauvais airport.

Choose Blue Transfer, and save on your travel budget!

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Most frequently asked questions

To report a flight delay, please contact customer service by: email if the flight concerned is in more than 48 hours. Or by phone if the flight is in less than 48 hours at +33 9 78 46 00 14.
Please note that even if the valets follow your train or your flight, thanks to the number you gave when you made your reservation, their schedule does not always allow them to adapt optimally. Therefore, the earlier we are informed of any change in schedule, the better we can adapt and return your vehicle as soon as possible.

On the outbound trip, you must specify the time at which you wish to leave your vehicle with us. On the return trip, you must indicate your landing time or arrival time at the station. This time is only indicative, we know that you cannot recover your car in hand while your flight lands or your train arrives in station. Your valet is waiting for your call to bring your car to the drop-off point.
See "How do I return my car?"

The opening hours of the valet service are between 4:30 am and 11:30 pm, which is why only these slots are offered to you for reservation.

For a schedule modification or date change request:

— If your reservation and/or the desired change for the pick-up or drop-off of your vehicle is within 48 hours, for reasons of availability, please contact our customer service department at +33 9 78 46 00 14 during its opening hours (8am-8pm every day).

— If your reservation and/or the desired modification for the pick-up or the drop-off of your vehicle intervene in more than 48 hours, you have the possibility to do it via your personal space. You just have to go to "My reservations" then click on modify.

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