Your safety is our priority: protocol

Published on 4 mai 2021

Discover our health and safety protocol to leave in complete safety.

Make your reservation online on our website or our application as usual. You will be able to cancel or modify your trip free of charge until the last moment (24 hours before your departure). We maintain flexible cancellation conditions that we consider suitable for this uncertain situation.

You will discover below our protocol for the pick-up and return of your vehicles, but you should know that in response to the concerns of some, we also offer two new services of disinfection and air purification that we have professionals carry out. You can discover these new services here.


How is my vehicle taken care of in the context of the epidemic?

Meeting at the drop-off point as indicated in the e-mail you will receive the day before your departure at 9:30 pm. Take a ticket if you enter a paid drop-off zone, identify the valet and park where he will tell you. Leave the ticket on the dashboard inside your vehicle as well as the keys in the ignition to avoid exchanging them with the valet. We remind you that for storage reasons, we cannot ensure the security of your key rings. Thank you for entrusting us with only the key(s) necessary for the proper functioning of your car. You can leave the engine running or make sure not to close your door so as not to lock the vehicle's access to the valet. 

Traditionally, in our business, we shake your hand, offer you a trolley or unload your luggage. For reasons of hygiene but also of distance, you will understand that we will temporarily not be able to provide these services. If you need help urgently, the valet will ask for your agreement to unload your luggage. 


Where will my vehicle be parked during my absence?

During your absence, your vehicle will be parked in our private and secure car parks (as usual). The keys will be kept in our safe which will be disinfected every day like all our offices. If you have ordered one or more washing or vehicle maintenance services, please note that our service providers are trained and comply with the requirements of our health protocol. Just like our valets, they will be masked and some of them wear a visor. Gloves must be worn for each service. They will also disinfect their hands very regularly. Please note that particular attention will be paid to the disinfection of the main contact points of your vehicle.


How will my vehicle be returned in the context of the epidemic?

On your return, the valet will be waiting for you in the same place as when you were picked up. He will have disinfected all the contact points of your vehicle (steering wheel, turn signals, belt, gearbox, etc.) as well as your keys in our car park, just before joining you. He will then get into your vehicle with disinfected hands and his mask. For organisational reasons, we will not be able to carry out this complete treatment in the drop-off area. Indeed, we do not have the possibility to store our material on these areas.

Once the vehicle is delivered, the valet will leave the keys in the ignition (your vehicle is always under the supervision of at least one valet), the parking ticket on the dashboard and he will disinfect his hands once again after leaving your car. As on the outward journey, please do not shake his hand and respect a minimum distance of one metre. He will show you the procedure for leaving the car park and will accompany you himself to the exit terminal in order to settle the payment if necessary. 


Do I (as a client) have to respect a specific protocol? 

In order to help us implement these new measures reliably, please respect the social distance with the valet (we remind you that shaking hands is now excluded). We also recommend that you wear a mask when picking up or dropping off and that you disinfect your hands. On your return, we will provide you with disinfecting wipes directly in the vehicle. These replace the water bottle that we were pleased to offer you. For reasons of hygiene, we prefer to remove it temporarily and replace it with a much more useful and appropriate welcome gift. 

We hope that these measures will give you peace of mind.


Do you have any feedback on our protocol?

Send us an e-mail or contact our Customer Service. Have a nice trip!


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