How is a stopover in Paris?

Published on 25 février 2020

Comment se passe une escale à Paris ?

You have a stopover planned in Paris during your next trip and a lot of questions are running through your head? Don't panic! Here are a few keys to avoid unpleasant surprises during your stopover in Paris!

1. Improvise yourself as a time master!

Improvisez-vous maître du temps !

Despite the beauty of the Parisian landscape, don't take your eyes off your watch for too long when you're walking around! For most flights, the deadline for check-in is 1 hour before take-off and the deadline for boarding is 40 minutes before departure. Make sure you are back at the airport within these deadlines, it would be a shame to miss your flight!

It is not recommended or even forbidden according to certain legislations to leave the airport for a stopover of less than 3 hours.

2. Find out about the legislation for leaving the airport!

Renseignez-vous sur la législation pour sortir de l’aéroport !

Make sure you have a Schengen visa if you are not a citizen of the European Union to be able to leave the airport and walk through the streets of Paris.

If you are traveling within the Schengen area and you are an EU citizen, no visa is required.

If you are not, you can apply for one before your departure, online or at the embassy of the country concerned. Otherwise, the security of the Paris airport will not let you leave the airport.

3. Check the destination of your luggage!

Vérifiez la destination de vos bagages !

A question suddenly appears in your mind: The luggage!

If all the flights are with the same airline, your luggage will be returned to you at your final destination and you will be able to discover the French capital in all lightness!

If you travel with several flights in "self-connect", you will have to retrieve your luggage, check it again and potentially go through security and customs checks at each stopover. It's sure that it doesn't look like much, but don't worry, this information will be mentioned when you make your reservation.

Furthermore, lockers are available at Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports to keep your luggage during your Parisian escapade. 

If you have a night in transit, don't forget to collect your luggage, unless you prefer to browse the Parisian mini-markets in search of a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste!

4. Don't get the wrong terminal!

Ne vous trompez pas de terminal !

To avoid unnecessary cold sweats, make a note of which terminal you are departing from after your stopover. If you use public transportation, find out in advance which stations correspond to your departure terminal. For example, Charles de Gaulle airport has two different RER stations for its terminals (terminal 2 has its own station while terminals 1 and 3 share the same station).

Valet at the airport


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