How to get to Nantes Atlantique Airport easily ?

Published on 30 mars 2018

Comment rejoindre en toute simplicité l'Aéroport de Nantes Atlantique

You may be planning to travel from Nantes Atlantique Airport for your next vacation. Everything is ready, your plane tickets are booked, your accommodation is reserved on site and maybe even your activities during your stay. However, one question remains: how will you get to Nantes Airport?

This is an issue shared by many residents in the region. There are indeed several solutions available to you, some more economical while others will be more convenient... And if we tell you that we have found the solution that combines economy and practicality? The answer is in this article!

In this article

1. Public transportation 🚌

For residents of the city center of Nantes but also its metropolitan area, you can easily use the public transportation offered by the city. The TAN transportation company provides a shuttle service between the airport and three strategic points, namely the Nantes SNCF train station, the Cité des Congrés (Lieu unique stop) and Commerce. It takes a small thirty minutes to reach the city center for the modest sum of 9€ (or 18€ round trip), valid for 1 hour on the shuttle, on the entire TAN network as well as on TER trains within the Nantes metropolitan area. This service is available every day from 5:30 am (station) to 11:15 pm (airport) at intervals of 20 minutes from Monday to Saturday and 30 minutes on Sunday and public holidays. If you are not in direct proximity to one of these three stops, numerous connections will allow you to reach one.

2. Taxis and VTC 🚕

There are public transportation enthusiasts but also those who are almost allergic to it! For you, other solutions are possible. There is notably the one of taxi or VTC. Your driver picks you up directly in front of your door to drop you off at the airport door! A solution that is very practical but which can quickly become expensive depending on the time you use it, the crowds, etc. These are criteria that you will have to take into account if you do not want to see the bill soar. In normal times, it takes 35€ for the airport/city center trip, or 70€ round trip.

3. Calling a friend 📞

Finally, if the idea of taking your car is unbearable, you can always call a friend or a family member to accompany you. But maybe they will be few and far between to respond when your boarding is scheduled for 6:15 am and your return for 10:30 pm.

4. Getting to Nantes Airport by car 🚗

Why not be autonomous from the beginning to the end of your trip? Today, the car remains the most used means of transportation for travelers to reach an airport at the time of departure for vacations, weekends or even business trips. If you opt for this means of transportation, then you will have to choose from the numerous parking offers available at Nantes Atlantique Airport.

🅿️ Airport parking

If you are absent for a long period of time (more than 5 days of parking), the P0 and P1 parkings remain the economical solution to park your vehicle. However, you will have to count on 5 to 10 minutes of walking to reach your departure hall, carrying your suitcase, sometimes in the rain or under scorching sun... not very comfortable.

For short and medium stays, the P2, P3 and P4 parkings welcome your car and you are in immediate proximity to the airport terminal. However, proximity means a high bill. Indeed, comfort has a cost, and you will have to make an additional financial effort to pay for access to these parkings. For example, 5 days in P2 cost 75.70€, you will have to spend 78.30€ at P3 parking, and finally 94.50€ at P4.

🅿️ Blue Valet valet parking service

Nantes Airport

Why should comfort always have a cost? The valet parking service Blue Valet have you thought of it? We offer to take care of your car directly at the drop-off zone of Nantes Atlantique airport. While you reach your boarding gate without stress, your dedicated valet takes care of parking it in our partner and secure parkings. Upon your return, find your car where you dropped it off, ready to hit the road. A luxury service that will often cost you less than a taxi or a traditional airport parking. So, don't make any more concessions between price and distance, choose both with Blue Valet! Our service is available from 5am to 11pm from Monday to Sunday, including public holidays. To benefit from the valet parking service Blue Valet, it will cost you 35€ for 3 days of parking and 70€ for 10 days, knowing that the price includes the parking fee, the valet service and all-risk insurance for your vehicle from the time it is taken charge of.


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