How to pay less for parking at Marseille Provence airport ?

Published on 27 avril 2022

Comment payer moins cher le parking à l’aéroport de Marseille Provence couverture



1. Parking in one of the Marseille airport parking lots

Se garer dans l’un des parkings de l’aéroport de Marseille

If you have to take a flight from Marseille Provence airport, the question of parking will quickly become thorny. Marignane is no exception among other airports in France: its parking lots are expensive.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend ready to drive you to the airport drop-off point before boarding and to pick you up in front of the terminal on the day of your return. You will therefore have to find a parking solution at Marignane airport while trying not to ruin yourself.

It would indeed be a shame to travel with a low cost company and to double the cost of the journey because of the price of the parking. There are different types of parking lots at Marseille Provence airport.

➡️ Parking lots P1 and P6 are the most expensive, as they are located right in front of terminal 1. If you are in a hurry to get to the boarding gate, these are the most convenient parking lots. However, the price of these premium parking lots is 18 euros per day.

➡️ The classic parking lots are a little further away from the terminal, and will cost you 14 euros per day.

➡️ If you think this is too expensive, you can always choose the eco parking lots, also called Ecolowpark. These are the P3, P7 and P8 parking lots. Here, the rate goes down to 10.50 euros per day.

➡️ Finally, there is the Super Eco solution. Formerly called Chèque parking or Chèque Éco, this allows you to park in a parking lot like the P7 Éco for an even lower price, from 5 euros per day. To do this, you must reserve your Eco parking in advance on the internet. The parking rates for the Super Eco solution vary according to the number of cars and the time of year.


2. Find free or cheaper parking around the airport

Trouver un parking gratuit ou moins cher aux alentours de l’aéroport

When you travel with a low cost company and your vacation budget is very tight, even the Ecolowpark, Chèque parking and P7 Éco solutions can seem too expensive. So, how can you park your car for a few days at Marseille Provence airport without breaking the bank?

It is possible to look for parking beyond the airport premises. Of course, you won't be lucky enough to be a few minutes or even seconds away from the boarding terminal. But you'll have less trouble finding parking at a much more attractive price, or even free parking.

However, this solution also has its drawbacks. It means that you will usually have to walk 15, 30 or even 45 minutes from the parking lot to the airport. If you are in a hurry before taking off, this solution should be avoided altogether. The length of the walk is often difficult to estimate, especially when you are loaded with luggage and with children. This could cause you to miss your flight. Moreover, parking lots far from Marignane airport are rarely supervised. Many travelers complain every year that their vehicle has been damaged by a break-in attempt, or even that they cannot find it.

3. Opt for long-term parking in hotels near the airport

Opter pour le parking longue durée des hôtels à proximité de l’aéroport

Around Marignane airport, a large number of hotels allow travelers to spend the night before boarding the plane, or at the time of their return if it is late. Even if these hotels offer very different ranges and qualities of accommodation (from luxury hotels to low cost rooms), most of them provide parking facilities for their customers. It can then be judicious to spend the night at the hotel before the departure, and to leave your car a few days at the hotel's parking lot, during the trip.

This solution may seem interesting at first, but it has several disadvantages. Indeed, few hotels will accept to let you park your car for several days without you spending at least one night there. If you live around Marseille or Marignane and are going on vacation in France or abroad, it doesn't make much sense to spend one or two nights next to the airport. Moreover, few hotels offer shuttle services to the airport drop-off point or terminal.

Most establishments will let you fend for yourself, and that means you'll usually have to walk several dozen minutes with your luggage before you get to the gate.


4. Save money by choosing the Blue Valet system

Marseille Airport

For travelers in a hurry who do not have an unlimited budget, there are few solutions left. Parking directly in Marseille? This is not recommended, as you will have to use transportation to get to the airport, i.e. the shuttle from the Marseille Saint-Charles train station, the train or the cab. Taking transportation to the airport from the center of Marseille takes time (usually around half an hour), and represents a certain budget.

If you are a family, this solution is not recommended, especially since there are few safe parking facilities in Marseille. You will need to find an alternative parking solution, such as Blue Valet.

This company offers travelers the possibility to leave their vehicle right in front of the boarding terminal of Marignane airport. A valet waits for you to pick up your car. He will give it back to you in front of the same terminal, at the time of your return. The Blue Valet system allows you to avoid a lot of stress related to parking and trips to the airport. In addition, the rates offered to keep your car are often more interesting than most of the parking lots in the area.


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