New European destinations served by Ryanair, Volotea and Easyjet in 2022

Published on 20 juillet 2022

Les nouvelles destinations européennes desservies par Ryanair, Volotea et Easyjet en 2022

Since the opening of Air France to competition, low cost airlines are multiplying in France and are slowly establishing themselves. We can mention EasyJet, Ryanair, Transavia or Volotea.

It has never been so easy and fast to fly to the other side of the world for a very low price. By saving on the comfort inside the planes and on the staff costs, these companies allow you to leave on a whim at a more than affordable price. The French seem to be conquered, especially the backpackers who can't stop discovering the world.

To meet this demand and to regain a decent traffic after the health crisis, low cost airlines have decided to serve new destinations in 2022 to countries that make you dream. Here is a complete list of all the new destinations this year so you can book your vacation and save money at the same time.



1. From Bordeaux (Athens, Malta, Zadar...)

Depuis Bordeaux (Athènes, Malte, Zadar…)

This summer, the airline Volotea plans to connect Bordeaux to Greece. It will be possible to fly to and from Athens every Tuesday and Saturday between May 28 and September 3. It has already been offering flights to Santorini and Corfu for several years. In total, 22 routes will be used to satisfy their passengers.

Since March 27, Ryanair offers flights to Malta and Zadar (Croatia). These connections should be permanent.

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2. From Nantes (Mykonos, Palermo, Oujda...)

Depuis Nantes (Mykonos, Palerme, Oujda…)

Volotea also offers flights to Greece, serving Athens and the famous seaside resort of Zakynthos. Two flights per week, on Wednesdays and Sundays, will be operated with aircraft owned by Aegean Airlines to Athens.

The connection between Nantes and Zakynthos will be active only from June 2 to September 1. This year, Volotea had already announced the addition of Mykonos and Heraklion in its catalog of destinations.

Transavia is offering a flight to Fez and Oujda (Morocco) on May 3.

With a short drive to Deauville airport, it will be possible to board a flight to Italy including Olbia and Palermo with Volotea.

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3. From Lyon (Minorca, Brussels...)

Depuis Lyon (Minorque, Bruxelles…)

Between May 12 and September 1, every Thursday, Volotea will offer connections between Saint-Exupéry airport and Mahon (Menorca). These routes are already offered by Transavia and EasyJet. You can therefore compare prices and play the competition between the different companies.

Getting closer to Brive airport, it is possible to reach Brussels (Belgium) with Ryanair.

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4. From Toulouse (Venice, Faro, Stockholm...)

Depuis Toulouse (Venise, Faro, Stockholm…)

With Ryanair, you will be able to reach the magnificent city of Venice (Italy).

From May 15, Volotea will connect Toulouse to Faro (Portugal).

Moving away from Toulouse, you will have the possibility to fly to Stockholm (Sweden) from Béziers on June 4th thanks to Ryanair. Likewise, on the same date, Bergerac will begin connections to Bournemouth (England) with Ryanair.

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5. From Lille (Sardinia...)

Depuis Lille (Sardaigne…)

The company Volotea has announced its intention to increase the number of flights from Lille. Indeed, for the moment, it only operates flights to other French cities. Thus, from June 2nd, it will be possible to leave for Sardinia (Italy) every Thursday.


6. From Nice (Sardinia...)

Depuis Nice (Sardaigne…)

Starting May 30, Volotea will operate departures to Sardinia.

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7. From Limoges (Marrakech...)

Depuis Limoges (Marrakech…)

Since March 27, Ryanair has been offering flights to Marrakech (Morocco). Such a trip costs less than 50 euros even during the summer, it would be a shame to miss it!


8. From Paris (Bari, Cyprus, Alexandria...)

Depuis Paris (Bari, Chypre, Alexandrie…)

Low cost airlines already offer a wide range of flights. You can fly to Africa, Russia and the rest of Europe from the major Parisian airports.

Since March 27, Transavia has been offering flights between Orly, Pau and Perpignan as well as a direct route to Moscow (Russia).

EasyJet operates regular flights between Charles-de-Gaulle airport and Bari (Italy) and between Roissy and Cyprus.

Since April 2, Vueling has been connecting Orly to Alexandria (Egypt).

Ryanair allows travelers to reach Madeira (Portugal) from Beauvais.


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9. From Corsica (Rome, Luxembourg...)

Depuis la Corse (Rome, Luxembourg…)

From June 1, it will be possible to embark from Ajaccio to Luxembourg aboard a plane belonging to the low-cost company Volotea.

From Figari, the direct flight to Rome becomes a reality. Indeed, Ryanair offers this new route from June 1 on the island of beauty.


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