What are the cheap flights from Beauvais-Tillé airport?

Published on 29 novembre 2023

Aéroport de Paris-Beauvais

The Beauvais-Tillé airport, located about 80km north of Paris, is known for offering low-cost flights to many European destinations. Although further away from the capital's center than the Parisian airports, it still allows traveling at a low price thanks to the low-cost airlines that operate there.



1. Ryanair, la compagnie low-cost star 🛩


Ryanair is undeniably the airline with the largest presence on the tarmac at Beauvais Airport. It offers a multitude of routes to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Poland. The prices are unbeatable, often less than €30 one-way to destinations like London, Edinburgh or Dublin.

1.2. Traveling to the United Kingdom at a reduced price 🇬🇧

England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales are accessible at a low price all year round thanks to the numerous Ryanair connections from Beauvais. This allows you to visit London, Edinburgh, Manchester, or Dublin without breaking the bank.


2. Wizz Air, an interesting alternative 🛩

Aéroport d'Hongrie

Wizz Air, the Hungarian low-cost airline, also offers many destinations from Beauvais, mainly in Eastern Europe. This allows you to reach Budapest, Warsaw, Bucharest, or Sofia at a lower cost. Prices are slightly higher than with Ryanair but remain very competitive.

2.2. Budapest, the Pearl of the Danube at a low price 🇭🇺

The beautiful Budapest is only a 1.5-hour flight from Beauvais, starting from less than 30€ one way.


3. Vueling and EasyJet complement the offer 🛩


Vueling and EasyJet also operate from Beauvais, but in a more limited capacity. Vueling offers flights to Barcelona and Madrid, while EasyJet connects the airport to London-Gatwick, Bristol, or Geneva. These two airlines have slightly higher fares than Ryanair and Wizz Air, but their networks are also more extensive.

3.2. Direct flights to Spain without breaking the bank 🇪🇸

Whether it's to major cities like Madrid and Barcelona or to the islands like Majorca and Ibiza, Spain is within reach.


4. How to get there from Paris? 🤔

Se rendre à l'aéroport

From Paris, it is possible to reach Beauvais in 1 hour by train or bus. The train connection from Gare du Nord costs 16€ for a one-way ticket. Airport shuttles are also available from various points in the capital, with fares ranging from 15 to 25€ per person.

Although the journey is longer than from Orly or Roissy, Beauvais airport allows for budget travel due to the strong competition among the low-cost airlines operating there. For a limited budget, it is certainly the preferred option from the Île-de-France region.


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I reserve my valet at the airport

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