Long-term parking at Paris-Beauvais airport

Are you going away for a long time and don't know which car park to choose at Beauvais airport ? Don't worry, you've got plenty of choices: airport car parks, private car parks... we'll help you find the ideal car park!

First of all, for a well-prepared trip, we invite you to find out about the car parks available at the airport according to your needs. Are you going away for a long or a short time? It's important to ask the right questions, because every car park is different.

To take advantage of low rates, long-term parking is often the best option. However, they are often a long way from the terminals, forcing you to take a shuttle bus, which is not really practical when you have luggage. So why not consider other parking solutions? Are you interested in valet parking? This type of service combines ease and speed. 

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Why choose long-term parking at Beauvais-Tillé ?

Long-term parking at Beauvais-Tillé airport is the best choice for your extended holidays, benefit from affordable rates at the airport.

What are the differences between long-term and short-term car parks at the airport? 

Long-term airport car parks are designed for travellers who leave their cars for several days or even weeks. They are generally located further away from the terminals, but offer lower rates. What's more, by planning ahead you can take advantage of even more affordable daily rates, which can be more economical than other airport parking options.

Short-stay car parks, on the other hand, are located in the immediate vicinity of the terminals and are more suitable for travellers who are only leaving their car for a short time. However, it is important to note that these car parks are often more expensive than long-term car parks. It is therefore essential to assess your needs carefully and choose the best option for the length of your stay.

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Blue Valet : your long-term parking service near Beauvais

Have you heard of Blue Valet? We offer a tailor-made valet parking service near Beauvais-Tillé airport. The stress of preparing for your flight will be a thing of the past; let yourself be pampered by one of our valets. 

The principle is simple: we collect your vehicle from your departure terminal and park it for you in one of our private, secure car parks

Say goodbye to parking hassles by choosing Blue Valet, your future favourite valet service!

The little extra of Blue Valet

Blue Valet offers much more than just a parking service, it's a fully personalised service. In addition to valet parking, you can select our windscreen washer fluid top-up option for just €9 extra.

Our aim is to make your life easier by offering you a high-quality service, wherever you are.

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Safety is our priority !

We understand how difficult it can be to leave with complete peace of mind on a long trip to Beauvais Tillé airport! That's why, for your extended departures, we are committed to ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

All our car parks are enclosed and only authorised Blue Valet employees have access. For even greater security, our BVA long-term car park is monitored 24 hours a day by a video surveillance system. What's more, we know that incidents can happen quickly, but don't worry! We have comprehensive insurance that covers your vehicle for the entire parking period.

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Rates that make all the difference

Contrary to popular belief, Blue Valet valet parking is quite affordable, and our rates easily rival those of traditional car parks in Beauvais. 

To park your vehicle for an extended period, expect to pay an average of €9 per day. Benefit from a practical and simple service at an affordable price!


What our customers say !

How do I reserve my Blue Valet long-term parking space ?

1) Book: your parking space directly online on our website or via our mobile application (IOS & Android). What sets Blue Valet apart? Flexibility! You can reserve your long-term parking space up to 4 hours before your departure. 

2) Entrust : your vehicle to one of our valets, who will be waiting for you at your departure terminal, just one step away from the airport! Put your trust in Blue Valet and start your journey with complete peace of mind.

3) Collect : your car from the same place you left it with us. For maximum punctuality, our valets know your departure and arrival times in real time, so you can get back on the road quickly. No more stress, extend the enjoyment of your stay by choosing our long-term parking service in Beauvais.

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