Travel checklist, so you don't forget anything during your vacation!

Publié le 3 octobre 2016

Check list de voyage, pour ne rien oublier pendant vos vacances

Going on vacation abroad is quite an organization, especially when you travel with your family. Suitcase, passport, car rental... the list is long. Even globetrotters can sometimes get a little lost. That's why we have prepared a travel checklist for you, so that you only have to follow it, without forgetting anything.

1. Official documents 🎫


✅ Passport
✅ Identity card
✅ Visa
✅ Photocopy of identity papers - Permit (international if needed)
✅ Tickets (plane, train, boat...)
✅ Insurance card 
✅ vaccination certificate

2. On site📍

✅ Reservations for transportation, accommodations, activities
✅ Guide to the country/city of destination
✅ Map of the country/city of destination
✅ Accommodation address
✅ Local currency/currency
✅ Credit card
✅ Important phone numbers (emergencies, card oppositions, insurance...)

3. For the trip 🔓


✅ Travel pillow
✅ Sleep mask
✅ Earplugs
✅ Padlock for suitcases

4. To take care of yourself 💊


✅ Paracetamol / Aspirin
✅ Anti-diarrheal
✅ Antihistamine
✅ Antispasmodic
✅ Anti-vomiting
✅ Anti-inflammatory
✅ Throat lozenges
✅ Contraceptive
✅ Dressings
✅ Disinfectant
✅ Personal medications
✅ Ointment for burns

5. For hygiene 🧼


✅ Toothbrush
✅ Toothpaste
✅ Shampoo
✅ Shower gel
✅ Razor
✅ Shaving cream
✅ Deodorant
✅ Cotton pads
✅ Cotton buds
✅ Makeup remover
✅ Hairbrush
✅ Hair accessories
✅ Moisturizing cream
✅ Nail clippers
✅ Tampons, sanitary napkins
✅ Makeup kit
✅ Tweezers
✅ Sunscreen

6. For electronics📱


✅ Phone, computer, tablet
✅ Camera
✅ Charger (phone, computer, tablet, camera)
✅ SD cards
✅ Hard drive /USB stick
✅ Adapter
✅ External battery phone

7. For the suitcase 🧳

✅ Suitable clothing
✅ Underwear
✅ Socks / tights
✅ Pyjamas
✅ Sportswear
✅ Walking shoes
✅ Sunglasses
✅ Swimsuits


That's a lot, isn't it? And yet, these are the essentials when you go abroad! It is up to you to adapt this list according to your destination, and especially to your needs (health, man, woman, habits, accommodation, etc.).

Take the time to pack well, so that you don't find yourself in trouble once you get there, and have to buy missing items again, often at a high price. Also think about the weight of your suitcase, limited to 23kg for most airlines, as well as the products you can only take in the hold, at the risk of seeing them go in the trash... Come on, all that's left to do is to put it all in the suitcase :)

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