5 tips to avoid losing your suitcase on the plane

Published on 5 décembre 2022


Although there are refund procedures in case of lost or delayed luggage, who likes to have their nose in administrative papers for months? Especially if it's during or after a well-deserved vacation! No, you refuse and you are right! Master Yoda has been there and shares the 5 anti-loss duties of luggage for any self-respecting Jedi!

1. Keep your precious items with you 💼

Vos objets précieux avec vous vous garderez

This is probably the most basic advice that can be given but deserves to be repeated here. Avoid all risks and keep your valuables such as money, expensive electronic devices, and important documents with you. Your mind will only be lighter knowing your valuables are close to you!

2. Subscribe to an insurance policy 💼

A une assurance vous souscrirez

As mentioned in the article "Lost luggage by an airline: What to do?" (in French), you can declare the value of your luggage during check-in which serves as luggage insurance. In case of lost luggage, damaged baggage or stolen items, you will be reimbursed for the declared amount.

3. Label your suitcase and keep the tag 💼

Votre valise vous étiquèterez et l’étiquette vous conserverez

Remember to label your suitcase and provide your name, first name, and postal address. This small adhesive label is the only way for an airline to find your suitcase if it decides to run away... (sorry for the pun, it's not me, it's Master Yoda!).

In addition, the luggage tag constitutes proof of check-in. It can therefore be very useful to keep it in case of lost or delayed luggage. The best way is probably to take a picture of it during check-in to be sure to keep a record of the precious document.

4. Make your suitcase unique 💼

Votre valise unique vous rendrez

You don't need to be a math graduate to guess that the fact that 80% of suitcases are black or gray doesn't really help. More frequently than you might think, suitcases are confused and exchanged between passengers. A sticker, a colored strap, all means are good to differentiate your suitcase and thus avoid the risk of it being mistaken for another (and it also saves time because you will spot it more easily on the conveyor belt!).

5. Listen to your mother 💼

Votre maman vous écouterez

Your dear mother, as powerful as Master Yoda, often holds the truth... Remember when she used to tell you: "Don't put all your belongings in the same suitcase! You won't have anything to wear if it's lost! "Well, sorry to tell you, but she was right. If you are traveling with others, do not each take all your belongings in a respective suitcase but try to distribute them as best as possible in different bags. In case of loss or theft, you will be glad not to have lost everything and to find your toothbrush in your friend's suitcase!

Now, you have all the keys in hand: May the force be with you!



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