Where to park your car easily at Nice airport?

Published on 2 décembre 2022


1. Find a parking lot located directly near the Terminals 🛩

parking aeroport nice

The easiest way to park at an airport is to use the parking lots provided for travelers that are located near the arrival and departure terminals of flights. Convenient and easy to access, these parking lots are well located and rarely full. They are also secure and covered, which allows you to leave your car parked with confidence, even if your trip lasts several days or weeks.

This is one of the first solutions to consider if you need to go to Nice-Côte d'Azur Airport. You have several parking options at Nice Airport, including long-term parking lots whose rates have been adjusted so that you can leave your vehicle for a long period.

However, the cost can be high. Even in a long-term parking lot, the price of parking at Nice Airport for a trip can quickly force you to reconsider your vacation budget upwards.

Apart from special offers, such as the weekend offer which allows you to park your car for 3 days for a price of around 50 euros, the bill can quickly skyrocket. By booking your Airport Nice parking online, you will have to pay a daily flat rate whose minimum is set at 7 euros per day.

If you are leaving during school holidays, like in the summer or during the Christmas period, this rate can go up to 10, 20 or even 30 euros per day. At this price, it may be interesting to find an alternative parking solution to the one offered by Nice - Côte d'Azur Airport.

2. Park your car in the city center of Nice and take public transportation 🛩

nice transports en commun vers aeroport

This is the most frequently chosen option by the Niçois and by those who live in the immediate vicinity of the Nice metropolitan area. Indeed, public transportation that allows you to easily reach the airport from the city center of Nice is numerous.

You can, for example, opt for the tramway. Line 2 of the tram serves terminals 1 and 2 of the airport from the port or Jean Médecin station, located in the heart of Nice, just a stone's throw from Nice-Ville SNCF train station. You can also reach Nice / Côte d'Azur Airport by bus. Line 12 goes there directly, passing through the Promenade des Anglais and the famous Place Masséna.

Finally, you have the option of going to Nice airport by taking the train from Nice Saint-Augustin or Nice-Ville station. The price of tickets varies depending on the time of year and the schedule (prices are generally higher during school holidays and peak hours). Thanks to these numerous public transportation solutions, it is therefore possible to park in the city of Nice before reaching the airport.

However, this means finding a free parking space, which can take a lot of time. Moreover, it is not advisable to leave your car parked in the same place for several days or even several consecutive weeks. You would expose yourself to the risk of fines or, worse, theft or damage.

3. Park in another city and take multimodal transportation 🛩

ligne régionale zou aeroport nice

For those who do not live in the center of Nice and its immediate surroundings, the journey to Nice / Côte d'Azur Airport can quickly become a headache. This international airport, which is the third busiest in France, is the reference airport for the majority of residents in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and for many residents of border territories, such as Monégasques, Italians, or Swiss.

It may therefore be tempting to park in a location that is a little further away from Nice and to reach the city and its airport by public transportation. Thanks to the ZOU regional lines, you can travel directly to Nice / Côte d'Azur Airport from Monaco, Menton, Cannes, Vallauris, Saint-Raphaël, Marseille, and even Grenoble.

In some of these cities, it is sometimes easier to find a cheaper or even free parking space for a long period. However, this means that you will have to take a relatively long bus ride (one to three hours). This will make your journey even more difficult and expose you even more to the risks of delays and setbacks.

This solution is therefore a real gamble reserved for those who live far from Nice and who do not really have any other choice.

4. Come by car and trust Blue Valet and its valets 🛩


This is one of the emerging solutions that more and more users of Nice / Côte d'Azur Airport, occasional or regular, tend to choose.

Blue Valet is a company that offers travelers the opportunity to entrust their car to a professional valet. The valet will be waiting for you at the time of your convenience right in front of the terminal that you will have to take. Upon your return, he will be waiting for you in the same place with your car.

Thus, you will not need to take public transportation or double your travel budget by paying for expensive Nice Airport parking. And you will not have to worry about your car, which will be parked in a secure location where nothing can happen to it. You can therefore leave with peace of mind.

If you wish to use the services of Blue Valet, simply book a valet by entering information related to your flight, such as your departure time and arrival time.


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