Long-term parking at Marseille-Provence airport

Organising a trip can often give rise to a few worries, particularly when it comes to guaranteeing a safe place for your vehicle. Who hasn't felt a little apprehensive before taking off ? Fortunately, Marseille airport offers many parking options, including a dedicated long-term parking area. Specially designed to meet your needs, this long-term parking ensures peace of mind and protection for your vehicle throughout your absence. Ready to travel with a reliable long-term parking solution ?

Whether you're on a long business trip or a family holiday, the long-term car park at Marseille airport offers you the peace of mind of protected parking during your escapades. Forget the hassle of keeping your car safe !

As well as Marseille airport car parks, there are other private parking solutions nearby. Each has its little extras to make your life easier. Like Blue Valet! We're pros at valet parking. Whether you're going for a short break or a long stay, we'll look after your car for the duration of your stay. With us, you can leave with peace of mind! 

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Advantages of long-term parking at Marseille airport

Who is the Marseille airport long-term parking service designed for?

Long-term parking at Marseille airport is designed to meet the diverse needs of travellers. Whether you're on an extended business trip or travelling abroad, this is a cost-effective option.

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What is the difference between long-term and short-term parking at Marseille airport?

The main distinction between long-term and short-term parking at Marseille airport lies in their respective purposes and advantageous pricing structure. Long-term parking is designed to accommodate you for extended periods.

Long-term parking at Marseille airport is cheaper on a daily basis than short-term parking. Short-term parking is ideally located right next to the terminals, so you can get there quickly. Long-term parking, on the other hand, is further away and often requires a shuttle bus to reach the terminals, unless you opt for a valet service. The choice between these two options essentially depends on the length of your stay and your budget.

What are the advantages of Blue Valet long-term parking in Marseille?

Marseille airport is not the only place to find reliable, secure parking! A number of private car parks around the airport offer you safe, nearby options tailored to your parking needs. For worry-free, low-cost travel, choose Blue Valet! Our valet parking service is the ideal solution for travellers to Marseille-Provence airport. Our valets collect your vehicle from the drop-off point, saving you time and the hassle of parking. Blue Valet car parks are located just 6 km from Marseille airport. For short or long trips, choose Blue Valet !

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Secure parking on the move

We know that long journeys can be stressful. So when you leave Marseille airport, we do everything we can to keep your vehicle safe. Our location is convenient, and our team is always on hand to help. Your peace of mind is our priority. So you can travel with peace of mind! Enhanced surveillance : Our parking areas are constantly monitored by security cameras operating 24/7. Controlled access : Only Blue Valet employees and customers with a valid reservation can access our parking areas. This security guarantees protection against unauthorised access. Insurance : We have full GAN insurance to protect your car against any unexpected event.

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Our long-term parking service at Marseille airport

When you opt for long-term parking with valet parking, you're opting for a simplified, secure and pleasant experience. There's no shortage of advantages. No more time spent desperately looking for a parking space at the airport. A valet will collect your vehicle directly from the Marseille airport drop-off point, ideally located opposite the terminal - a real time-saver.

Our private, secure car park is just a few kilometres from Marseille airport. This is where your vehicle will be parked for the duration of your absence, and returned to you on your return from your trip.

With our valet service, you can drop your car off at the terminal entrance and pick it up exactly where you left it on your return. A perfect solution for hassle-free travel.

At Blue Valet, we have a sense of service. As well as looking after your vehicle in our car parks, we offer additional services for your long-term stays. 

What could be better than returning to your vehicle as good as new ? We can adapt to your requirements: full vehicle wash, secure parking near Marseille airport, etc.

Find out about all our services when you make your reservation !

Combine comfort and savings when you travel

When you choose Blue Valet as your parking solution at Marseille airport, you're guaranteed to save money on your parking space. Our competitive rates for long-term parking are well above the costs associated with conventional airport car parks.


What do our customers think?

Long-term car parking made easy!

1) Book: in just a few clicks and up to 4 hours before your departure, your valet can be booked on the app (iOS & Android) or directly on the website.

2) Entrust: your vehicle, with your eyes closed, to your dedicated valet who will meet you outside the Marseille airport terminal.

3) Pick up: your vehicle at its original location, right where you left it, near the airport car park. The valets have all the information they need in real time to return your vehicle to you on time.

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