How much does a parking space at Marseille airport cost?

Marseille airport, located in Marignane, is the sixth largest airport in France. Every year, it handles more than 10 million passengers. Thanks to the 37 airlines that use it as a hub, travellers can choose from more than 119 destinations in 38 countries. 

Marseille-Provence airport's vast size can be confusing for some visitors, especially when it comes to finding a parking space. To help you find your way around, here's an overview of car park prices at Marseille airport.

Car park prices at Marseille airport

You've booked your plane tickets and packed your bags, but one question remains: where can you park your car at Marseille airport?

If you're travelling for a short time, opt for the local car parks. They are ideally located just a few minutes from the terminals. They're the perfect solution for those who prefer speed and comfort. A word of advice: the further in advance you book, the better your chances of benefiting from low rates at Marseille airport.

For longer stays, opt for long-term car parks: they offer very attractive discounted rates, a real boon for your wallet. Even if they are a little further from the terminals, free shuttle buses are available to make your journey easier.

Take advantage of the best parking rates at Marseille airport!

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What car parks are available at Marseille airport?

Located opposite terminal 2, the P2 Minute car park is perfect for busy travellers looking for quick and easy parking at Marseille-Provence airport. The P2 car park offers attractive prices at Marseille airport and enhanced security for your vehicle. With this practical and reliable parking option, you can be sure of starting your journey with peace of mind!

Car parks P3, P7 and P8 are low-cost car parks linked to terminals 1 and 2 by shuttle buses. Car park P3 is a semi-covered car park close to terminal 1 and hall A at Marseille airport, ideal for short trips. Car park P7 is located outside terminal 1, about 5 minutes' walk from it. For travellers departing from Terminal 2, car park P8 is located close to Terminal 2, within easy reach.

For longer stays, we recommend the Super Eco car park. It is ideal for passengers who wish to park their vehicle for several days or even weeks at Marseille-Provence airport. Although it is one of the car parks furthest from terminals 1 & 2, it is also one of the most economical.

The ECO car parks (P3, P7 and P8) also give you easy access to the various halls of Marseille airport! Please note that online booking is compulsory for P8 Eco and Super Eco car parks.

What are the car park charges at Marseille airport?

Short-term parking  (3 days)*


Long-term parking (7 days)*


* Prices are indicative and subject to change, according to the Marseille airport website.

How much does Blue Valet cost?

Parking your car at the airport can be a real headache, especially if you're going on a long trip. Fortunately, there are alternatives to airport car parks. A number of private parking options are available close to Marseille airport, offering very attractive rates. 

How can I save on parking at Marseille airport?

For worry-free, low-cost travel, choose Blue Valet! Our valet parking service is the ideal solution for travellers to Marseille-Provence airport. Our valets collect your vehicle from the drop-off point, saving you time and the hassle of parking.

As with flights, our rates may vary depending on a number of factors, such as the capacity of our car parks, the season and how far in advance you book. To get the best rates at Marseille airport, we advise you to book in advance.

What are the prices for Blue Valet short-term parking?

At Blue Valet, we offer attractive rates at Marseille airport, specially designed for short stays at Marseille airport. For a 3-day stay, expect to pay an average of €60. Our aim is to offer you a quality service while respecting your budget. Our advice? Stay alert! Promotions are offered regularly throughout the year. 

5 days trip
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Prices are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.
7 days trip
price comparison
Prices are given for information purposes only and are subject to change.

What are the prices for Blue Valet long-term parking?

Thanks to our advantageous pricing structure, at Blue Valet we offer more attractive prices than traditional parking solutions.

Take advantage of a discount of up to 30% on parking at the nearest airport, with valet parking included! For a 7-day stay, the cost is just €89, which works out at €12.71 per day. Are you staying for 14 days? The average daily rate drops to €9.26. As promised, our prices are adapting! 

How much do our services cost?

We also offer a range of additional services such as interior and exterior cleaning of your vehicle, electric car recharging and many other services to explore when you make your reservation!

At Blue Valet, the safety of your vehicle is our priority, which is why we have included AXA insurance in our services. In the event of a problem, don't panic! Your vehicle is covered, and it won't cost you a penny more. Take advantage of affordable rates with generous benefits. What's more, you'll benefit from dedicated customer support, all within your budget.

Opting for Blue Valet means your vehicle is guaranteed a safe, supervised parking space. Thanks to our transparency on car park prices at Marseille airport, there are no more surprises: discover the competitive rates we offer.

Interior and exterior cleaning 

What a pleasure to find your vehicle clean after a long journey! With Blue Valet you can enjoy a complete cleaning of your vehicle: complete cleaning of the interior and boot, removal of dirt and dust from plastic surfaces, polishing of windows, application of a plastic balm, antibacterial and anti-odour treatment.

Interior wash: €64

deep-cleaning supplement: €29

Windscreen washer fluid refill 

It may seem like a minor detail, but for us, attention to detail counts. For optimum driving, there's nothing like a spotless windscreen! For your well-being at the wheel, we offer a windscreen washer fluid top-up for the modest sum of €9!

Want to book? It couldn't be easier!

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At Blue Valet, making your valet booking easier is our priority. Go to our website or our mobile app. Once you're logged in, set your departure and arrival dates and times and don't forget to select Marseille airport from among our many service points.

If you are interested in additional services such as vehicle cleaning or electric recharging, add them at this stage. Continue by entering your contact details and the characteristics of your vehicle to ensure an efficient pick-up.

Finalise your transaction in complete confidence using our secure payment interface. After validation, you'll receive instructions for D-Day.

On D-Day, simply go to the meeting point to hand over your keys to our Blue Valet valet. Travel with peace of mind, your vehicle is in expert hands. 

With Blue Valet, your journey begins smoothly and simply!

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